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Looking for the ability to create and control people in a virtual world? Look no further than The Sims™ 4. Control every aspect of your Sims’ appearance and personality. Give your Sims a place to live, build them the perfect home, using your personal design flair and many décor options. Once your Sim is all settled in their new home it’s time to pursue relationships, careers and develop skills. You have complete control over who your Sims will become and the story their digital lives will tell.

Sim Creation
Create and play with one or more Sims. Customize every aspect about them from body shape, ethnicity, hairstyles, accessories and more. Decide what their personality traits will be and even determine what their aspiration in life will be. Fully customizing your Sim ensures they will be unique and have a fascinating story to tell.
Build your Sims their dream home
Fancy yourself a home/interior designer? Control everything, from the house’s location to furnishings. Design of the interior and exterior as well as landscape and décor is up to you. With the latest free update you can even add features like pools and basements*. Have designer’s block? There are curated, styled rooms that can easily be brought into your game.
Rich and beautiful game worlds
There are many vibrant communities and interesting venues for your Sim to explore. By traveling between game worlds they can experience everything each location has to offer. Watch their social circle grow as they meet new Sims in each world’s distinct locations!