The Sims 4


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Unleash your imagination and create a unique world of Sims that’s an expression of you!

You can customize everything from Sims to houses, and many other details. Decide how Sims will look, dress, and act each day. You can design and build amazing homes for each family and decorate them with your favorite furnishings and decor. You can travel to other neighborhoods and meet Sims, as well as learn about their lives. Explore beautiful locales with unique environments and embark on wild adventures. Sims’ daily lives are full of ups and downs. You can see the results when you simulate your real life. You can tell your story while building relationships, pursuing career goals, and immersing yourself in this amazing game. Live the life of your dreams!

Create Unique Sims
You can create a variety Sims with unique appearances, personalities and new emotions. You can create Sims with the new Create A Sim tool. Then, you can choose their hairstyles and walk-styles. You can give your Sims purpose and control over their minds, bodies, and hearts by choosing their traits and aspirations.
Build the Perfect Home
Use the new room-based build mode to quickly and easily design and build homes for your Sims. You can design the layout of the home you want, choose the furnishings and modify the landscape. Even add a basement or pool!
Explore Vibrant Worlds
Explore new areas and travel between worlds to discover fascinating places. You can take your Sims to new places to increase their social circle, meet new friends, and find new items.
Play with Life
You can control the fun and rich moments in your Sims’ lives, from their relationships to how they work. Every aspect of your Sims’ lives, from their birth to becoming toddlers, through adulthood, is influenced by your choices. Learn new skills for your Sims and take up new hobbies.