Stellaris: Nemesis Steam CD Key


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This content requires the base game Stellaris on Steam in order to play. 

Stellaris: Nemesis Steam key

The Nemesis DLC includes:

  • • The Menace option;
  • • The Galactic Custodian option;
  • • Spying tools;
  • • A new ship set.

Be the one who destabilizes the entire galaxy in the newest expansion of the critically-acclaimed sci-fi themed grand strategy game – Stellaris! Players are finally getting the long-awaited tools to determine what crisis awaits various civilizations at the endgame and even the option to become the Menace themselves. Being the Galactic Custodian means either balancing between chaos and control or just completely tipping the scales to one or another, depending on your plans. Being the work of the same Paradox Interactive game studio that created the original game, this DLC offers everything you need to control what happens in the galaxy and how. Buy Stellaris: Nemesis Steam key and become the master civilization of the universe!

Stellaris: Nemesis game features

With the Stellaris: Nemesis key you’re getting the option not only to make impactful decisions but to become the ultimate civilization. This path to complete dominion is further enhanced by these features:

  •  You are the crisis. Be the first to spread your armies across the galaxy to become an unstoppable menace – earn bonuses and end all existence before other civilizations manage to stop your plans;
  •  Be the Galactic Custodian. Rise to power via diplomacy or subterfuge and use emergency powers to stop the Crisis – once averted, it is up to you whether you relinquish this power or keep it;
  •  Espionage. Learn the deepest secrets of both allies and enemies and use this knowledge to your advantage, whether it be smear campaigns or diplomatic incidents;
  •  Conquer in style. If you’re planning on wiping out the entire galaxy, you better do it in style – this DLC includes various new ships, inspired by the most famous empires in sci-fi;
  • • Cheap Stellaris: Nemesis price.

A grand strategy like no other

The creators behind Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis present the Stellaris: Nemesis key, meant to enhance your Stellaris experience! In this game, you explore a vast variety of species, planets, anomalies, and everything else that the procedurally generated galaxies have to offer. Collaborate with the most powerful alien races, or go to a fierce and merciless intergalactic war, all in order to establish your very own supreme galactic Empire. It’s a lengthy experience, some playthroughs may last for hours upon hours of non-stop strategy decisions, but in the end, it’s worth it beyond belief. Buy Stellaris: Nemesis Steam key and reach your ultimate goal, whether it be through diplomacy or warfare!