Planet Coaster: Adventure Pack


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The all-new Planet Coaster Adventure Pack will allow you to step into a lush, green jungle atmosphere. You can create your own pyramids and temples or other jungle structures. Your guests will be lured into ancient traps where they may encounter crocodiles or hippos. Renee Feu, a new entertainer, will be performing at the Gold Fever coaster and Island Adventure rides. Are you up for an adventure? You are!

Amazing New Rides
Gold Fever is a mine coaster that will take you and your guests to the most remote places and mysterious caves. Island Adventure is a boat ride with high capacity that can travel on large bodies water. It was inspired by the steamers that were used to explore rivers in new areas in the 1930s. Land Ahoy is the Island Adventure’s little sister. It has its own channel and does not require a body water.
Adventurous New Scenery
Planet Coaster is about to get more… adventurous. The brand-new wall set includes both animated and static wall attachments, special effects and shop and path extras. Doors, fences and animated scenery are all included.
Queen of the Jungle
Renee Feu, a new member of Planet Coaster’s entertainer crew, is now available – she’s the true queen of the jungle!