Naraka: Bladepoint – Asura Edition Steam CD Key
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Naraka: Bladepoint – Asura Edition Steam CD Key

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This bundle includes the following:

  • Naraka: Bladepoint
  • Naraka: Bladepoint – Asura

From the shoulder of a giant Buddha to the very highest mountain peaks…
From the rusty, rattling chains of floating coffins to secret trails of an abandoned mine.
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s interactive map design allows you to roam Morus Island with freedom. Walk every path you find. Reach every place you see. Eliminate every opponent you encounter.

  • Become Godlike with your grapling hook:
    • ASSAULT – Instantly zip through obstacles to pounce on your target.
    • AMBUSH – Hide in the darkness and wait for your moment. Ready your hook and surprise your targets with deadly long-range takedowns.
    • AVOID – Sometimes discretion is the better part of honor; escape from battles in a flash with a well-aimed grappling hook maneuver.
      You can do EVERYTHING with your grappling hook.
  • Warriors, Assasins, Swordsmen, Brawlers and Monks – Together In blood and dust, heroes from around the world gather in Morus Island, there is only fighting, there is only death or life. Only one can remain.
  • Remains of Behemots, Deserted Townships, Enigmatic Temples – Explore a vast, mysterious battlefield where every section is unique and breathtaking.
    Learn the truth of NARAKA’s world and its endless battles.