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Get the most out of Visual Studio 2022 Professional

Microsoft is getting more modern by developing cross-platform mobile and desktop apps. Innovate by completing code with AI and collaborate in real time with shared coding sessions. Clone repositories, browse work items, and automatically configure CI/CD workflows that can be deployed to Azure. Visual Studio Professional 2022 gives you the flexibility to build any type of application. Collaborate using Agile project planning tools, charts and more.

Become more productive with Visual Studio 2022 Professional

The first IDE facilitates the use of even larger projects. Content you do every day, like typing code and switching branches, feels smoother and more responsive. scale with Microsoft working on projects of any size and complexity with Visual Studio Professional. Code with the new editor, Razor which can refactor files. Microsoft gives you the ability to diagnose issues that are related to visualizations for asynchronous operations and auto analyzers.

Provide software

Visual Studio pro 2022 gives you powerful features to quickly understand your code. Among the tools, CodeLens. It helps you stay focused on your work by showing code references, changes to your code, and who last changed a method. In addition, it tells you if your tests pass. All directly from where you are in the code.

More features

Visual Studio Professional 2022 includes Azure DevOps. It is a set of services to plan, build and deliver applications quickly, in any cloud or locally. Consider agile planning tools, continuous integration and delivery platform, source control and artifact repository management. Get more benefits to learn all about code, including access to key Microsoft development software, collaboration tools, training, professional support…