Generation Zero®
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Generation Zero®


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Home is the battlefield. A resistance will rise.

Where are the robots from? What are they looking for? How will you survive? Generation Zero is a stealth-action hybrid that offers a rich, rewarding world and many mysteries to discover. You can play alone or with three friends on a large open-world map that will test your creativity and resourcefulness. Because winning is living.

A World of Stealth-Action
You can hide, seek, scavenge, and shoot your way through a vast world of dangers and secrets. Östertörn has it all, from dense forests to abandoned towns to vast fields and makeshift bases to large areas, and each encounter is unique.
Home is the Battlefield – A Resistance Will Rise
You will meet other survivors as you travel through Östertörn. Each one has a unique story to share. A resistance can rise when enough people band together.
Build Your Base – Make it your Own
Generation Zero continues to evolve with a variety of new content this year, including the ability to build (and customize) your own outpost and a new, wave-based home base defense experience.