Drakengard 2
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Drakengard 2


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About the Game

The flames of war are ablaze once again.

Square Enix and Ubisoft deliver a sequel to the fire-breathing, dragon-filled RPG. The original Drakengard was well-received by RPG fans when it arrived in 2004. Now the sequel delivers a new level of luxurious polish, and is set to win over a whole new audience as well as delighting fans of the original.

Set 18 years after the original, in a world where humans and dragons co-exist, Drakengard 2 lets players decide the fate of a young knight named Nowe. Raised by a dragon, Legna, Nowe is adept at combat, both on land (thanks to a particularly meaty sword) and in the air (astride Legna’s back).

Expect plenty of variety as you guide Nowe through an epic quest, taking out enemy legions and finding out the dark secrets surrounding his order, the Knights of the Seal.

Key Features

From the Role-playing Masters
An epic quest from Square Enix, makers of the Final Fantasy series.
Captivating Real-time Combat
Experience real-time combat against dozens of enemies, on foot and on the back of a dragon.
An Audio/Video Masterpiece
Incredible production values include gorgeous cut-scenes and a rousing orchestral score.