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About the Game

Armello is a grand swashbuckling adventure that combines three styles of play; The deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top board games, combined with a character role-playing system.

As a hero from one of the clans of Armello, you’ll quest, scheme, hire agents, explore, vanquish monsters, cast spells and face off against other players, with one ultimate end goal in mind — storming the palace and becoming King or Queen of Armello. The Kingdom of Armello is as dangerous as it is beautiful, perils, banes and bandits hide around every corner and a spreading corruption known as the rot is leaving no creature untouched.

Armello is League of Geeks’ attempt to revolutionize digital board and card games, whilst providing players a rich world within which they can craft their own stories of epic adventure. The aim was to create a rich game full of backstabbing, close shaves, shattered alliances, ruses and empty promises – a perfect game to play online with your friends.

Answer the Heroes Call
The four great clans have called forth their heroes, each to venture on their own perilous journey to claim the Throne from Armello’s mad king! Will you answer the call?
Tabletop Feel, Video Game Magic
We spent months making sure we cherry-picked the best parts of tabletop gaming just so we could bring them to life in a video game! Experience a board game like never before!
Journey Into Armello
Be transported to the fairy-tale animal kingdom of Armello, a gorgeous 3D world with animated characters, well over 100 fully animated cards and a day/night cycle influencing gameplay!
Dive In, Deep Strategy
Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore strategy fan, there’s something here for you. Armello has pick-up-and-play simplicity without sacrificing the depth of turn-based strategy titles.
New Adventures, Every Time
With online multiplayer, procedurally generated maps, multiple play styles, dynamic quest lines and much more, every game of Armello is sure to weave a new, epic adventure.